Monday, August 26, 2002

fun times
fun times

in a nice long chat with the girls...and the guys...

when you just give up

i swear there is nothing more depressing than knowing that the person you like doesn't like you, and that there is absolutely positively nothing nothing nothing you can do about it!

the dish:

strong feeling that Katie likesDan as more than a friend. She insists that they are just friends, nothing more. I have my doubts. The question is, who does Dan like? A couple of days ago, Nina told Dan that all the girls liked him, and that we had a fan club about him. She assumed he knew she was joking, but I wasn't so sure.

Kaycielikes Dan. So do a lot of other people, not mentioning names! Nina used to like Kyle last year, but now Jade seriously likes him, even though she knows he doesn't like him. Now Nina supposedly likes Jason, but he seriously freaks me out!

more later~